Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire?

Holidays. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Going-aways. Hugs & Waves. At the clink of glasses. I used to hear it all around me growing up, “I wish you health, wealth and happiness,” as if sending that lucky one smiling up into a silky dream. Then I grew up. And I began meeting these very people: the ones who got health, wealth & happiness.

It’s awesome. It’s fascinating.


But what if by some quirk of a blown wish you got one or another but not all three?

Which would you rather?

Meet my friend, Joey Harper.

He became a millionaire at 22.


“I had every option available to me in that ride.” – Joey Harper

Joey joined me on the journey to share his incredible story. It is a story of wealth and power, strength and humility, relationship and character, oh, and the swirl of a wind. Let’s listen.


“In a blink of an eye it was all gone!”


“Then I got something the great ones have. Humility.”

Sven: The High Achiever’s Journey (Audible)

Indeed, it seems quite easy to turn outstanding achievements into cautionary tales, which keep the timid timid and the unimaginative bare. True it is that every experience across the spectrum is chockfull of brilliant lessons from which we can learn and build upon and evolve in beautiful ways, or at least that is what I am discovering. What about you? What are you finding in your neck of the woods?

Let’s get a take from the perspectives of one of the richest men in the world.

See what you think.

Along our remarkable journey of life and learning we relish actionable discoveries, particularly those that uplift and inspire the “best” from all of us, promote harmony, expand opportunities, exemplify beauty, and reveal wonder, in other words, whatever advances our practice of genuine love through all of its fertile dimensions!

I am so grateful you are along on The Journey. I enjoy good company. You too might discover ‘2:26 AM, The Gathering’ an audio dramatized edition of our Sound-Byte Life Series to be awesome. Check it out free on Audible.

Until next time, hugs!

Oh, and here is a question on my mind:

“If you must have only one of these three – health, wealth, happiness – which would it be?”

Choose well.



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