You Deserve a Great Coach

Our job is to serve YOU.

We create champions.

Yes, there is a huge difference between a trainer and a coach. This difference is worth understanding and recognizing for a number of essential reasons.

  • What does a trainer do for you?
  • What does a coach do for you?

A good trainer is a subject matter expert who is competent teaching, i.e., transferring or imparting a particular technique, expertise or knowledge to an able and willing student.

An outstanding coach is a transformation expert – a partner – who is fully committed to the client’s mission and results, who is able to stretch, strategize, challenge, inspire, train, persuade, that is, transform that client into being his or her most capable self, such that the client fulfills the mission, achieves the results, or reaches the goal.

No matter how good the trainer is or how outstanding the coach is, it is the student, the athlete, the player, the client that must attain, achieve, reach, and be transformed. NO ONE becomes great alone. CLICK – we’re ready to serve you.

Championship Coaching

  • Grooming Champions, Nurturing Leaders
  • RyoSports TopFlight Tennis Academy
  • Author / Book Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • RyoSports Championship Coaching (Athletes)

Who do we coach?

It’s Your Turn



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